Refurbishing your office with elegant and state-of-the-art furniture and supplies is one way of rewarding yourself and your staff for all the hard work you put into your business! Conversely, ensuring that your office is well-appointed also improves your productivity and efficiency. Global industrial offers a great variety of premium-grade office furniture and supplies like computer furniture, air purifiers, outdoor furniture and many more, so that you can start setting up your new office today.




Furnishing an office space has never been easier! We offer the highest quality executive office, home office, computer and outdoor furniture at the lowest prices, backed by an outstanding customer support team. Also choose from a wide assortment of office chairs and office supplies to keep your business running.


Our office moving and commercial relocation services will move your furniture and team, with minimal downtime, to keep you in business.

Moving a business can be an overwhelming event for any sized company. We understand that a successful office move must minimize downtime to avoid lost productivity.


Furniture racking is one of many designs offered at Modular Space. Our diverse product line coupled with engineering and design expertise allows us to respond to each and every need with a reliable yet economical solution. From selective racking accessible by standard forklifts to high rise continuous shelf automated systems, Modular Space has the answer.


Workplace furniture is an asset. And like any asset, it has value. But unless you know what you have, how you can reuse or add to it, and more importantly, how to access it quickly and cost effectively when you need it, your asset is dramatically depreciating in value.


Great design begins with your ideas. Our team of certified, trained and dedicated space planners and designers will work with you to bring them to life. Through design specification and implementation, we will offer solutions that maximize your space, encourage growth, foster collaboration, and meet budget requirements.

We begin the space planning and design process with a pre-design meeting. This is where we meet with you to discuss your goals and requirements. We then move on to the design development phase; exploring ideas and testing concepts. We will also help you choose all finishes, upholsteries and materials and recommend access points for any electrical components. In the project documentation phase, all products and finishes you’ve selected are documented and specified. Once your approval is met, everything is ready to be ordered. Simple and easy, just like ordering furniture should be.